Snippets earns rave reviews!

"The canned responses included with Snippets are worth its price of $.99 alone, in this blogger’s opinion. But even if you are wittier than I and appreciate original pieces of text, Snippets is a great app with a very easy-to-use interface that I plan to use again and again."

-- Kevin Harter, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Snippets Power!

Snippets lets you copy and paste like a Pro!  You can easily save and categorize hundreds of snippets that you copy & paste from others apps on your iPhone!

Instead of typing the same things over and over, like the same replies in email, or a favorite website address, just use Snippets which automatically copies your saved snippet to your clipboard, ready for use in any program on your iPhone!

Snippets comes pre-populated with a whole bunch of ready-to-use snippets that you can use or customize!